Love Is In Blind - Is Your Business Idea Really Good?

You've been slav¬ing away on the work¬bench at your prod¬uct, your ser¬vice, and your busi¬ness plan. You've laboured late into the night, putting all your rela¬tion¬ships on hold, and try¬ing to ignore the no-nothings who freely offer advice on how you should do it. That's because you have a GREAT IDEA for a business. You have this fan¬tas¬tic, whizz-bang, prod¬uct or ser¬vice that's going to take the mar¬ket by storm. Now it's ready to launch. All it needs is some marketing. Hold on there, Binky. Has any¬one told you yet that .. well … your prod¬uct or ser¬vice stinks?


No? Then you bet­ter find someone. Why? Because, you’re prob­a­bly blindly  in love with your cre­ation. You can’t see the wart on the nose, the eye that’s slightly askew, or the extra kilos around the waistline.


But one of the most com­mon haz­ards of cre­ativ­ity is that you become fit­ted with blind­ers when view­ing what you have created.


But what do you really need?


Some­one who’s famil­iar with new ideas, who sees them all the time and has a pretty good idea of what might work, and what prob­a­bly won’t. You need some­one to tell you your baby is ugly. 

Because then, deflated, you will come to some realizations. Real­iza­tion num­ber one: You should have done more research before you cre­ated it. Real­iza­tion num­ber two: You should have spent more time study­ing the mar­ket while developing.

Real­iza­tion num­ber three: You should have rec­og­nized that our nat­ural ten­dency is to love our own ideas, no mat­ter how hare-brained, or deriv­a­tive, or boring. Real­iza­tion num­ber four: Your real job wasn’t sim­ply cre­at­ing that prod­uct or ser­vice, but suc­cess­fully com­mer­cial­iz­ing it. The for­mer is inven­tion; the lat­ter is business.

This is an area of prod­uct devel­op­ment aptly named the Val­ley of Death, and thou­sands of prod­uct and ser­vice devel­op­ers know it well. They have died in it.



You need some­one to look at that thing you’ve given birth to who’s dis­pas­sion­ate, some­one who doesn’t care one bit, some­one who’s kind of cyn­i­cal, and cranky, and iras­ci­ble.  Of course you want all that.


Of course, that prod­uct is the great­est thing since sliced bread. Of course, that ser­vice is going to rev­o­lu­tion­ize your indus­try. Of course, that book is going to imme­di­ately ride to the top of the best-seller list.